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Referral program

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Hi, We would like to give you an opportunity to share your potential customer to join our “Referral Program”.

From this Referral Program , You can work and earn more money as you want.

It will not take so much time for you , just sign up and wait for the confirmation.

You want to be a part of “Lamantra Studio” become  a Sales Freelancer ?

Refrerral Program is the best opportunity for you.


How it Works ?

  1. Sign Up to the following form
  2. Fill in your Data and Your Referral Customer
  3. Share Lamantra Studio Fanpage (Facebook and Instagram) to your Timeline.
  4. Data Referral Customer must be complete with Phone Number/Mobile Number, PIC Name ,Email and Address/City and Business Category.
  5. Waiting for the process Sales and Dealing with your Customer by Lamantra Studio Business Development
  6. We will confirm back to you, once we have the deal with customer.
  7. Fee / Comission will be paid in every end of the month or Minimum 14 Days after the Invoice has issued (Depending on Which one is closer)
  8. We will automatically reject your referrence, if your refference data is our existing customer.

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