Brandable Domain

Brandable Domain is a Domain name that focuses on the brand / image emphasis of a website, generally the name used by Brandable Domain is quite unique as an example on this website or that we can find everyday like,, Yahoo. com, Facebook .com

Although it seems unique but Brandable domain also has its own restrictions,

> Brandable Domains Can’t be Too Long!

Domain names that are too long make it difficult for people to mention it or even difficult to remember your domain name, just 1 or 2 sentences is enough.

> Don’t Use Any Strange Names

Some people use strange or absurd names in their domains, this causes visitors to worry about opening your website, especially if there is a transaction on the Website.

> Avoid Entering Other Brand Names

When you make a website, make sure the name that is used has no resemblance to other people, let alone include a well-known brand / brand, I say DON’T this will be a bad problem for your website.

So is Brandable Domain the solution to give your Website a domain name?

The answer Depends. Brandable Domain will be your last Solution if you have tried Discoverable Domain and also EMD (Exact Match Domain).