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Email Marketing Solution

Have you ever been expecting the money you spend on promotional products with thousands of people online like advertising on social media, banner advertising in various forums or leasing professional SEO consultant services? All that can fall cost, not necessarily effective, instead of that ,you can join email blast / email marketing where you can send promotional emails to thousands and even tens of thousands of people at once.


In this age of technology almost everyone has email (electronic mail) for various purposes, be it for work, business, social media, until online transactions. Certainly those who use computers or laptops for everyday activities have email accounts from various free or paid email services.

In the internet marketing world, utilizing email lists for marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies because our offerings can go straight into the prospect’s email inbox and read by them. In addition, email marketing can be more effective because marketing in this way can potentially pamper potential customers, plus any sales by using very good email conversion media.

Working Process

Bring to the table what you need to discuss with our Creative Team , talk with us your plan and we help you to make it true.


Email blast / email marketing until now is still one of the most popular online marketing methods in various countries, This is because of the advantages of blast / email marketing, such as:

  • Methods more Practical, easier and faster than other conventional marketing
  • Marketing is more targeted because product descriptions and offers are delivered directly to customers.
  • The cost can be adjusted as needed
  • Could target more specific customers based on interests and trends
  • The marketing potential is broader than social media, as almost everyone has at least one email address (more than social media).
  • Campaigns that we do via email marketing can we measure well because we can see how many emails sent to customers and how the customer response.

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